Saturday, February 27, 2010

262 Dad and Mom for Zach

Once again words cannot express things as well as the words of the person who is there, so from Zach:
"God was looking after us this morning. We get on our convoy and we are only like 6 clicks from shank just about to transfer from the dirt road to hard ball. We are about a click from the hard ball and hit a big wall of fog. We are the second truck and the first truck stops at a fork and a detour was made around the part of the main road for construction. The first truck stopped and was deciding which way to go. He chose the left. We went about 40 meters and stopped he noticed we had to turn around he guessed wrong and was a dead end. We are about to start heading back and BOOM. #$%@ #$%@ WHAT THE #$%@ i was saying looking at both mirrors of our truck to assess the damage. I thought how are 37,000+ pound trucks ass slid left and tilted - perhaps an RPG hit us directly. I notice no damage and then decided it wasn't that. Shrapnel and dirt is now covering the truck. My team leader said What the #$%@ was that? (this is all in matter of seconds) Then from the Hemet truck behind us i see smoke and debris and I said #$%@ I think the #$%@in hemet took an IED. People where calling us up, thinking we got hit. We called in everyone is okay then the hemet did the same. When we took the wrong direction at the fork the correct road was about 20 ft to the right of us. That's where it went off between our truck and the hemet. If it hadn't been foggy this morning which we initially thought was bad we would have taken the correct road and it very well could have been our truck that got hit."
God be with the men and women who are putting their lives on the line in the name of freedom! Zach didn't want his mother to hear that story but she saw my reaction when I read it and and I had to share! You are superman and I love you!

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  1. I just cant read the above enough. To close for comfort. Robert just wrote me and is still saying how load the sound was, and how weird the fog was. He is in a very bad mood today, he talked with Rike and told her it felt like someone had planted a bomb in his driveway here at home to hurt his family. That was the parallel he used. He said its just to close and someone should have noticed the person.