Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 275

Mom – Day 275

Today is Valentine’s Day. Midnight is approaching and I am still on my laptop reading, watching and surfing the net. I need to put words on this blog but sometimes all the things in my head our jumbled, so I will just speak about today.

Today I watched “Dear John” with a friend of mine, Carol. Watching the movie, made me think a lot of Zach. I did speak to Zach today and we talked a lot about many things, to include his job, the offensive taking place in Marjah (bringing him up to date as to what we hear in the news), etc, etc… All of this leads me to my discussion with Carol as she said my blogs seem different lately. I do know what she means because I feel it. Although, I am always with my ear to the news, and I worry about him constantly, I do feel different lately. I know this may be short term, or may be a lapse, or this is a lapse – meaning I don’t know why – but I seem to be more ok (not at peace but okay) with Zach doing what he is doing. I think what comforts me the most, is knowing that Zach is confident in what he is doing and he is smart. The other things that help me, is communication and information. Being able to communicate is a Godsend. If I couldn’t do this I would have a very difficult time. I do know that he can’t tell me MANY things but I have this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web that gives me so much information about so many things that I cannot possibly run out of learning material. Don’t get me wrong; I still can’t seem to stop biting my fingernails and every time I hear about someone getting killed in Afghanistan I feel like throwing up. I don’t know, maybe I am starting to accept the fact that Zach is that Stan place.

I love you Zach, Happy Valentine’s Day – Be Safe

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