Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 278

Mom, Dad – Day 278

Today we thought we would do something different for the blog, we thought we would have Zach speak.

“Ha Turning your back taking a knee with 170 lbs of gear on. The prop blast hits you, blowing snow like it’s the worst blizzard ever. You almost fall over then you push yourself off the snow and look into the storm the dual propeller Chinook creates. Your adrenaline just skies through the roof. Then you run like the ruck is nothing, cram into the bird with 30 other paratroopers ... you take off within that min. Next thing you know 1 min comes up, your hitting the ground, you get up and run off the bird - someone falls and breaks their leg right beside you. They throw him back on the bird and you charlie mike and you and your team are the first ones inside the compound - that was pretty cool”
February 4 at 2:19pm

Dad – I love you superman.
Mom – I love you Zach – Be safe

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