Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 138 - Zach's Facebook

Zac Dalrymple
Thanks you all for you support a little about Matti Hennigan- He was 20 years old, last September we had a big surprise bday party for him. It was in a old munk brewery which became a beer museum. It was one of the most fun and classiest/craziest nights of my life. Matti deff had a tanned hide after all his bday spankings. He was always down on the... See More latest music kind of a punk rocker. He enjoyed BMX and snowboarding quite a bit. I couldnt wait to show off some of my maine skills to him on the boarding trip him and i and our friends where planning to go on when we got back to Europe. In bamberg he was always down to play lacrosse with me and have a cook out. He could cook up some mean steak and shis-kabobs.
When someone passes you always here the best of that person and not always some of the other things that person was as well. Well matti was all those great things, thats who he was. He was the guy who always seemed to make you happier and where he went seemed more alive. Deff a goofy 20 year old kid who was down to help people and his friends out all the time. With his unique laugh and his up beat attitude it was hard not to be his friend. He was a strong person and paratrooper and will be missed by many people.

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