Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 123

Mom – Day 123

The sad part of today was that Ju Ju our host daughter left today with her family back to Belgium. It is so nice to have the house full of family. It was so lively! The house is still busy but I miss having my kids.

Dal and I spoke to Zach today, which was nice. After speaking to him for a while he started talking to us about some of his concerns. In the middle of a sentence we were cut off – we finished our minutes on our calling card. I then checked all of my calling cards and none of them had enough minutes to call to Afghanistan. It was frustrating. We couldn’t finish our conversation.

Summer is here and the Taliban is busy. Now, I not only worry about the intensity of things but I also worry about Ramadan. The military will be vigilant during the month of Ramadan. One would think that during this holy month of fasting, prayer, doing good deeds, cleansing the soul and being more aware of God that the fighting would take a break. This year Ramadan starts on August 11th and ends on September 9th. August 11th is Dal’s birthday. I hope this year, Ramadan will really be about doing good – unfortunately, the Taliban and Al Qaeda define ‘good’ differently that I do.

I love you Zach

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