Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 132

Mom – Day 132

I asked Dal if he wanted to write in the blog since he spoke to Zach yesterday for some time. They talked about many things that Zach does not say to me. Dal didn’t want to write about the things they spoke about and I understand. There are times that there aren’t words, or sufficient words to express ones feelings and thoughts. I spoke to Zach today for 14 minutes and 11 seconds. I tried calling him all day because he wanted to speak to me today but I couldn’t get through and when I did he had to wake up in a few hours to go on a mission so he couldn’t speak long. He didn’t tell me anything and I didn’t really ask since I know he can’t say much. He wanted to speak to me before he left on his mission but he didn’t want to talk about anything specific. As I am writing this he is already on his mission. I cried today and tears are in my eyes as I write this because I am afraid for him. The fighting is getting more intense. There has been a lot of firing and a lot of activity. Today is Thursday, July 18th and I spoke to Zach for 14 minutes and 11 seconds.

I love you Zach and miss you

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