Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 119, 118

Mom – Day 119, 118

I have six minutes until midnight and I want to write in the blog today so I am trying to write and think at the same time.
Today is my brother’s birthday and he has made me reflect on many things. What I thought about the most today is how he flew from Scotland to pass his birthday with me. I know that I am not the most sentimental and I won’t do his birthday justice because that is not ME but he still chose to spend his special day with me. A birthday should be all about that person but this year, my brother decided to do something special for his birthday, he decided to give it up so that he could be there for me. I am lucky to have so many people around me to be there for me – waiting every day until Zach comes home. I am sure he has his problems and I wish I could somehow be a support for him as well (I, for some reason don’t seem to have those skills to show compassion or to be there for someone). Happy Birthday Jacob

I love you Zach

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