Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 133

Mom – Day 133

It is frustrating that I can’t text Zach since my sister can – but then again, it is amazing that we can contact him in the middle of Afghanistan. We haven’t heard from him in a while so I was a bit nervous but Zach text my sister today and said that we could call. Dal had a chance to speak to him (I didn’t) and he had a chance to let things off of his chest. The sad part was that Zach was not able to go to Matt’s memorial – senior officers bumped their flight to the Shank. It was sad to hear that strangers were able to go to the memorial but his friends could not go. Things are getting very active this summer with the Taliban. In some ways I am happy that they are starting to defend themselves but it also makes me nervous. Yesterday a combat medic was killed ☹ Combat medics are so courageous – I feel for them because they see so many of the horrors of the war.

I love you Zach

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