Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 111

Mom – Day 111

Last month I wrote how June was the deadliest month for the Americans in this horrible war in Afghanistan. This month, I am writing the same thing, except that it is July. These past two months have been the deadliest months for our military. As I am reading the news, I also read how there was a car accident in Kabul where 4 Afghans were killed. The other vehicle involved in the accident involved 4 U.S. contractors. This incident started a riot of about 1000, in Kabul where 2 vehicles were set on fire and stones where thrown. The reason for this, Americans, the infidels shouldn’t be there. Of course this was the voice of a few but it makes me want to sit down face to face with these people. First of all, what about the 66 Americans that died in Afghanistan this month and the 60 that died last month, what was their purpose for dying? The other thing I would love to discuss with all these people that have nothing else better to do than starting riots, is the word ‘INFIDEL’. This word is used over and over especially by those who have no clue to what they are saying. How is it that every American and every Westerner is an infidel, a country of many beliefs? The word infidel, one without faith, has been used over the years in various ways. The Christians used this word to identify Muslims, this word was also used to describe someone that does not believe in a God, or Allah, or ….. Throughout the centuries this word has been tossed around as an excuse to kill people. In fact this word, and the actions caused by this word, the actions of the Christians and non-Christians, provoked people like Immanuel Kant and John Locke to develop the concept of natural rights which created what we now call human rights. I do NOT believe that God, Allah or whatever one wants to call him/her is Evil or would God ever condone killing because someone is different. If I believed that God was evil, then I would rather be an ‘infidel, a non-believer’.

I love you Zach

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