Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 130 Dad

As I went to write on the blog last night I saw that Zach was on line, so instead of writing I called him and Lisa and I talked to him for about about 45 minutes. I was so nice he was in good spirits but tired. He said they had walked about 4 miles which when they walked out in the early morning but when they walked back in the heat of the afternoon it was not much fun. But then what is fun about being in a place so hot with thousands of people who want to do you harm.

We told Zach last night we were headed to Quebec today! Zach loves Quebec and I wish he was with us. I know it will be on the list of places he will want to go when he is home at Christmas...... I can hardly wait.

On another note as I talked to my brother Lee last night he was commenting on how the summer is going by so fast I said let it go! I have never wanted a summer to go by so fast and want it so bad.......Zach home safe and sound is what I want.

My mom's birthday is today, I love you Mom.

You are superman, I love you bud!

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