Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 112 Dad

As I was just starting to snooze on the couch I got a funny feeling not sure what it was but I will be glad when I hear from Zach. As the hours drag now, I find it harder to focus I need to do something to take my mind off all of this. I have struggled at times, been strong at times and sometimes I am don't know where I am. I am in one of those times now and continue to live one moment to the next. Zach sent me an email telling me which schools he is thinking about attending, I so look forward to visiting him at a college. As close as it is it still seems so far away. We need to keep the faith, pray and remain positive.

One of Zach's friends Kippy Pingree who is a marine and spent a couple of months in Afghanistan and who will be going back posted something on facebook. It was a message that Lindsay Lohan made the news by going to jail, it then listed all those who have recently given their lives for the cost of freedom. How true I thought if kids are looking for a hero, then there are plenty of men and women who have fought for freedom. Too seldom do we appreciate them but without them none of the things that we take for granted would be possible. I often wonder where we are headed as country I have said it before but what legacy are our children receiving from us?

Of one thing I am certain there are plenty of young people like Zach and in them I trust our future. God bless them. Zach you are my hero, you are superman and I love you!

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