Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 127 Dad

Lisa said she talked to Zach today and I am happy for her. It is hard to think each day about what he is doing or if he is ok. I read an article today which referenced US and coalition inflicted casualties on the Afghans and also how insurgent inflicted casualties are more than triple US inflicted. The article referenced that part of that is why soldiers were complaining that it put them at greater danger to comply with restrictive rules of engagement. The article never mentioned that the last two months have been some of the worst for US forces. The Taliban like the cowards they are routinely hide behind the civilians and use them as shields. Or just kill civilians as an intimidation technique. I wonder what causes them to be so cruel, is it their god, surely that can't be! Or can it?

I for one am glad that some commanders are letting the troops fight to avoid needless US casualties. Let them fight or bring them home! Today on the day of my fathers birth a man who fought in WW II to keep the world free, my son is engaged in a war to bring freedom to a people who don't know what the word means. Even though you have been gone for 19 years - I love you Dad!

Zach you are superman, and I love you bud!

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