Saturday, July 3, 2010

Day 137 Dad

The flag in our yard flies at half mast in honor of Specialist Matt Hennigan a paratrooper, an American hero and a young man who will forever be young. My heart aches for his parents and his family I do not know this young man but his passing has had a great impact on me. It is because he is 20 like Zach, a good friend of Zach and his death will have a greater impact on Zach. I wrote a long time ago that war is hell and it is not fair nor is it forgiving. This war has influenced the lives of so many my prayer is for not just for the those who have been injured and their families, but for those who are still in harms way while dealing with the loss of their friend - their brother in arms, who is no a void in their lives. We can never understand what they feel or what they are going through unless we have been through it. I pray that God will heel them protect them and bring them home safely.


Zach you are a hero, you are superman, stay sharp be alert and know that Mom and I love you so very much!

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