Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 168

Mom – Day 168

I can’t sleep; I have been up for a while now. The funny thing is that I finally started sleeping a full night and sometimes over-sleeping. I hope tonight will not be a trend; I was getting tired of not being able to sleep.

My friend Mary – I call her my cyber sister – her son Robert was home for some R n R (rest n relaxation) from Afghanistan. He is stationed where Zach is but both Zach and Robert are always outside the wire so they don’t know each other. Anyway, he just left to go back. I felt so sad for Mary because I know how she must of felt when she had to hug him good-bye. Hugging your child before he goes BACK to war is an awful feeling. I remember the tears could not help but flow and my stomach felt like I wanted to throw up. Robert and Zach have both had a few close calls and they are both discouraged that they can’t do their jobs. Too many of the Taliban are allowed to fight and gather while our military watch. I can’t wait until we all leave Afghanistan. The world should be appalled by the extremists – in this case, the Muslims that are extremists!

I love you Zach

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