Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 147

Mom – Day 147

Zach called me today on a satellite phone. It was so nice to hear his voice. He also called his Papa but they did not speak for a long time because their call was cut. We spoke about General McChrystal – which he didn’t hear anything about – and politics in general. We spoke about some of the yucky things like the boy that the Taliban hung because his grandparents spoke to the Americans. He said that the Afghanis were upset with the Taliban – I am glad to hear this. This is a NATO war but there are so many Americans that are being killed, the Taliban really hate the Americans. Zach understands how some Afghanis are trying to live some type of life and that there are many good people. He also spoke about the importance of education. It is so true, being able to read and write can have an impact – imagine being able to decipher facts for yourself. We spoke about other things, some things I don’t feel like writing about. Then we spoke about other dumb things like what type of stove I should get – eventually I need a new stove-, and what color paint will be on the walls, and silly things. I am so proud of Zach, he is so grown up and he still has compassion and a sweet side to him.

I love you Zach.

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