Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 160

Mom – Day 160

Sometimes when I am really stressed out it helps me to write in this blog. The blog has helped me. It is my outlet. Today I am really stressed out that I am starting to feel sick. It is kind of foolish all the things that I am stressed out about because in the end it probably will not matter. What really matters and what I should focus my stress on is the everyday worry about Zach. The hard thing is that when I tend to be more stressed out, I tend to not handle well Zach being in Afghanistan. I know in my mind this does not make sense, logically one would want to do things to bring a balance (what nature does) but I tend to always want to tip the scales. I am now crying and I can’t work because I can’t focus – I need to quickly get it together – hopefully writing this out does the trick.

Thank you Beth for always checking on me – today I needed it☺

I love you Zach and miss you more than all the words in the universe can say.

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