Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 161 Dad

Days roll by but no where near fast enough! I am ready for Zach to be home, the more I read tells me that the shit hole that is Afghanistan is getting worse. Someone actually blew themselves up at a wedding killing over 35 people. Really think for a moment who does that who blows up people that go to a wedding! These people have no heart and no soul they are evil incarnate and for our leaders and so many out there to not see that is either blindness, naivete or just plain stupid and you can't fix stupid.

These Taliban, Al Queda or what the hell ever they are deserve only our contempt for the murderous thugs and cowards they are. They kill in the name of their god and kill children, women the weak then when faced by soldiers who are willing to fight them hide behind the skirts of women and use the innocent as shields. Death is too good for them they are not fit to breath oxygen that could be used by the lowliest of animals.

Zach I know you are superman, and I love you so much and I miss you so very much. I worry each day, but I keep the faith that tells me you will be ok! I love you bud!

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