Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 163 Dad

Today the sun shone, there was a light cool breeze blowing and it was for appearances a perfect spring day. But ever present in each day is a gnawing ache that will only be cured when we see Zach walk through the doors of our house when he comes home for Christmas. Sometimes people look at me as being the strong one, but the truth is I do all I can not to tear up just thinking about my little boy in that hell hole Afghanistan. I hope the leadership from the President on down understands that our sons, daughters, fathers, mother, uncles, aunts, grand parents whatever it may be, are precious and we hold them dear. Let them fight or bring them home is more than just words, it is the reality that I want to impress upon whoever will listen.
No more worthless convoys to draw fire and be a target for IED's, no more useless missions to just say you did one, we need to use the information and lower the number of IED's being deployed, kill those who are setting them, pursue the Taliban or Al Queda when we can and cripple their ability to strike back. Let's get whatever the job is - done and bring our troops home. If we have no mission and cannot kill the enemy, and only try to win the hearts and minds of the relatives of those in the Taliban and Al Queda then it is time to bring them home.
You are superman and I love you with all my heart bud!! I miss you!

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