Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 141 Dad

Lisa and I continue our trip through the Canadian Maritimes. Tonight we are in the little town of Bouctoushe New Brunswick across the Northumberland straight from PEI. We are having fun, but watching the news and listening when we can checking on line for any piece of information. I believe General Petraeus is going to be confirmed tomorrow, I look forward to the change in leadership and hope that the rules of engagement change more to reflect our troops willingness to finish the fight.

The more I hear, read and learn about the people in these areas the more I feel that we cannot change what they have or what their lot in life is. Oil is the only reason many of these countries are relevant. Take away the oil take away the money and they are just a nomadic country with nothing going on. It seems that Afghanistan has now found natural resources I'll bet some warlord gets the royalties, collects the money and immediately starts buying arms, not bread, not building schools only more weapons. It is all they know which is why education is at the bottom of the wish list for them.

So much to say so I will stop, the only thing I know is how this has all impacted my family and thousands of other families and it pisses me off, these people and so much about them pisses me off.

Zach, I love you, you are superman, you are my hero, and you are my son, I miss you more than words can say!

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