Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 148 Dad

Well Gen McCrystal will probably get the boot tonight from Pres Obama. On one hand I appreciate his candor in speaking about the ineptness of the administration in conducting the war, on the other hand he is a subordinate to civilian superiors thus is the nature of being a military member so he will be fired. He should resign before he gets there to trump Obama but.....

He is part of the problem as well though as he crafted these stupid rules of engagement, that result in American serviceman dying to prevent some ill feelings by the locals. You the hearts and minds idea that has always worked so well for us ...NOT!!!!!

We can only hope that whoever takes over will let them fight or bring them home! In the middle of all of this political BS are our military members. God bless them all.

You are superman, and I love you Zach!

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