Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 157

Mom – Day 157

We have been busy at the Dalrymple household. I feel bad because I didn’t have time to try and call Zach – considering the 9 ½ hour time difference. We had graduation this weekend and both of our host kids, Marjo and Stefani, had their families here. I know that my sister spoke to Zach and that he seemed in good spirits. Victoria, my daughter also came home this weekend, which was nice.

Yesterday, a man stopped in front of our house and asked about the single blue star hanging in our window – he recognized the symbol. I told him that my son is serving in Afghanistan. He said he will pray for him and that he was a veteran. The Blue star flag or sometimes called the Service flag is displayed by a family member for their loved one who is serving during a time of war.

Zach I love you and I NEVER stop thinking of you.

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