Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 142 Dad

Well we are still in Prince Edward Island it is so beautiful and peaceful. Lisa and I are relaxing and spending quality time together. But until Zach is safely out of Afghanistan nothing really changes. At breakfast this morning we were laughing and joking then something brought us to Zach and it took a few minutes to get it back together. This is our life until he is home. Relax - but never fully, sleep - but never soundly, laugh - but not as loudly, live - but day by day!

Tonight we went to whats called a Ceilidh which is a little concert put on by some local musicians but these are professional local musicians who play traditional music it was great we really enjoyed it. I wish we could have been here as a family, Lisa did get Zach an autographed CD. Zach I wish you could be here you would love this place and the food which is spectacular!

I miss you every day Zach you are superman and I love you!

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