Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 89 Dad

We were able to talk to Zach today he was tired and actually out on a mission. They were at a checkpoint and decided to take a break there. He said he was eating a delicious meal prepared by the Afghans he said the lamb was a little gamey but the meal was delicious. It is so interesting that in all of what goes on Zach has the opportunity to enjoy some of the strange and exotic culture of Afghanistan. After the meal it was back to reality as he said they were going to be on the move again shortly after we hung up. The unit was broken into small groups called kill teams and they were all out conducting simultaneous missions.

I am glad that even in the chaos of war Zach can enjoy some moments of culture. He is a great cook and I am sure that he will take something from the food he enjoys to use later in one of his own dishes. I look forward to trying it. Maybe at Christmas.

You are superman, and I love you so much Zach!

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