Sunday, August 8, 2010

Day 102 Dad

We picked up Zach's Jeep today it is really fun to drive and I know he will have fun with it. He talked to his aunt today and was very excited about the Jeep and I look forward to seeing him drive it.

I watched with unbelieving eyes as the news described how the taliban killed 6 Americans who were in Afghanistan to help - bringing medical and dental care to people who didn't even know what a toothbrush is. They claimed the Americans were spies and trying to convert people to Christianity. How pathetic these thugs are - how disgusting and perverted their view of the world is. These idiots are not even terrorists they are just thugs who hide behind religion to carry out some bastardized view of how they want the world to be. When are the rest of the Muslims ever going to speak out. Our Christian God says that he will help those who are willing to help themselves. It is time to help themselves. Americans are there to try to protect them yet they fear the Taliban so much that they won't go against them. And our amateurs in our government don't help by giving a time frame so the people know we are leaving. So if that is the case then we should just leave now.

And the media again is missing in action. They are all reporting on the murders but now outrage no emotion of any kind. So like everything else the agenda beats the story that too is pathetic! Fox is the only news organization making waves of any kind on issues of honor killings, the taliban and the spread of radical islam. Journalism is a lost profession when it comes to this administration and the issues of today! It is to the point I almost can't take it anymore.

Thank you to those who defend freedom on every shore. Know that at the end of the day honor, duty, sacrifice, courage and doing what is ethically and morally right does matter.

You are superman and you are my hero! I love you Zach.

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