Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 107 Dad

It is still morning we are at the hotel on our way home, I remember almost a year ago we were with Zach at a hotel and this was before he was headed to Afghanistan. I am going to stop at some of the same stores today that we stopped at then on our way home from a Patriots game. I wished I could have waken this morning and been back there, but I am glad I didn't. I want to see Zach but now it is about being out of Afghanistan. Then he was headed there and a year seemed so long, now he is preparing to leave and this month and a half seems so long. Time is a relative thing it is all a matter of what is going on and what is important now time to move quickly is important.

On the ride down to Quinnapiac University I asked Lisa what my brother Al might think about Zach being a cave rat. A cave rat is the right size guy who can maneuver in a small cave sometimes with just a weapon and a flashlight. It was very common in Vietnam where Al and so I guess because of the type of warfare in Afghanistan it is common again. Al passed away in 2001 but I think he would wonder why young men were still at war. I know however that he would have been proud that his relative had taken up the cause of Freedom a cause he believe in so deeply and fought for so bravely. He would be the one family member who could clearly understand what Zach is going through, I wish he could be here to counsel Zach when he returns.

It is a sunny day and I smile and try to be happy I am happy but not complete and won't be complete until Zach is out of Afghanistan and home safe and sound. I so much want to give him one of bear hugs this morning. As I worked out in the Hotel gym I thought about my promise to him, I have to get busy and drop some more pounds by Christmas. Maybe then we will be visiting some schools with Zach as he decides which one he will attend.

You are superman and you are my hero. I love you Zach!

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