Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 87 Dad

Al Shabab, the Somali radical Islamic group that murdered 32 people in Mogadishu Somalia today. The brave radicals attacked a hotel with first a homicide bomb and then small arms fire. The death toll could have been worse except for the African Union forces that provided some support. Somalia a place that is incredibly poor and long run by war lords is now considered one of the big threats to the United States on our soil.

The intelligence community has long had a concern about the rise of radical islam within the borders of the United States. Al Shabab or the “The Youth” in Arabic is group that has wide appeal to many young Somalis upset by perceived Western intervention in Somalia and the use of Ethiopian troops as part of the African Union peace keepers in Somalia. I guess the most stunning is that many of these people are hearing the anti western and anti American rhetoric in their mosques located right her in America.

From a Foxnews article entitled After Crawling Onto U.S. Radar, Somalia Extremists Pose Threat – But Will They Go Global? “Jack Tomarchio, the Department of Homeland Security's Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the time, had flown from Washington to Ohio earlier that spring day for a briefing on the Buckeye State's latest efforts against terrorism. Now, as heavy winds battered the streets above, two Ohio Homeland Security officials told him how the capitals of Ohio and Minnesota had become havens for refugees of war-torn Somalia. R30;R30;.. Then the two briefers told Tomarchio they were becoming increasingly concerned about "radical mosques" in Columbus, Ohio, where imams "considered to be a little fiery" would come from Somalia and preach anti-Western messages to the growing Somali community, Tomarchio recalls about that day in 2006”.

Why are these people immigrating to the United States? They hate us and our way of life yet they come here, and then want to convert us by words or the sword. We through freedom let it happen.

Additionally today I read in the paper that in the Congo 200 women were repeatedly gang raped and that this type of activity is used to pacify the local population because of the cultural stigma that follows even a rape. The suspects are suspected to be Muslim separatists. Where are the answers and where is the solution to the insanity that seems to be taking over?

The incident above was in 2006 and intelligence analysts continue to monitor Al Shabab to determine their strength and influence today. Young Somali men have disappeared from the US and are believed to be fighting in Somalia. “As for Tomarchio, four years after his underground briefing in Ohio and after first hearing of Al Shabab, he also said he believes an Al Shabab strike inside the United States is "unlikely" anytime soon. But, he said, it's too early to "write off the future operational capabilities of Al Shabab." "We did this with Al Qaeda years ago," he said. "And what did that give us? 9/11."

Tolerance, how more tolerant can a society be than live side by side with those who wish you ill?

You are superman, I love you Zach.

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