Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day 83 Dad

Pre dawn attacks in the Khost Province led to 24 insurgent terrorist taliban cowards being killed. They thought they had the advantage attacking soft targets in the early hours.

No I am going to be positive today, Lisa, Dong Mei (our new host daughter) went to the Madison Anson days parade and passed out pop ice, it was so hot that they were melting but we had fun. Dong Mei particularly enjoyed the parade which was very Americana. We had a great lunch, spent the afternoon doing things around the house and then had a great dinner on the deck followed by a camp fire and marshmellows. It was a good day as Julie talked to Zach and even though we couldn't get through news from him through others is still meaningful to us.

I look forward to not following the war on the web and news but now that I am I may not stop until it is over. I feel for all the troops!

Zach you are superman, and I love you so much!

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