Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day 100 Dad

Well today is my birthday and it was not easy. I emailed back and forth with Zach and finally called him. It was so nice to hear his voice and we talked about all the things he wants to do this winter he is excited and so am I. I thought it would be nice to include what he wrote me today.

"Yeah it has a trailer too, which we need! I want to get a tow hitch for my jeep. It can easily haul a couple of sleds. This is wicked exciting, no more then two months here then just around that corner going home for a MONTH! I haven't been home for a month since July 23 2008. Its crazy though how time is flying. I enjoy the army a lot, I am really good a being a paratrooper. I miss home way to much though. If worst come to worst I can become active guard in Maine. You know, you get used to going into shitty food, terrible climate, poor living conditions, not having regular toilets so many other things that you just get used to. You start appreciating living the suck. You even got used to putting your life at risk. Going into bad towns, chambering a round me for another human, IEDs, everything. It doesn't bother you anymore you just amped up and excited. You hit points in which you want people to mess with us just so you can have some action. You get used to just sitting and doing nothing between mission just working out and eating. I got used to all those things. One thing that I never have got used to is being away. I miss home so much. I miss my family and my friends. Sometime you just get so lonely here. I know I have my team, which is family but its not the same. I just think about being home and fishing with you and coming home and ma having some fruit on the counter with some mexi food cooking for us. We go and sit and watch the game. You know I haven't had a gf since xxx before I left for the army. Sometime I just want to go and have breakfast then take a girl out with some guys go camping coos canyon stop at wall mart. Ha just the small things about my life I miss. It gets really lonely and I think does anyone really care. Did anyone care when matti got killed. It just makes me think. This war is so forgotten, its not even news anymore. I wonder if I will be able integrate back with regular life again. This is regular to me here feeling the way I do you just get used to the suck. I get so mad when I think about all the college kids and all people back home bitching and complaining about the smallest stuff, and they have such a good life and get have all things I cant. What did they do to deserve it? I guess that's why vets really appreciate soldiers cause they can relate to them. I don't know there is a lot I could say about this. I am doing well here and should be a sgt sometime well I missed the cut off for deployment boards. I don't have enough time in grade. I was told I was gonna go to the first one when we get back because I will be eligible then. I am just ready to be a normal 20yo, I hope I can adapt back to the regular world again. I hope you have a great day dad I miss you soo much.

love your son"

Sadly it is the part that he thinks that no one here cares about them that bothers me. I think a lot of soldiers feel this way. Shame on all those people who take freedom, and liberty for granted yet thump their chests saying what great Americans they are because they are for whatever liberal cause is the flavor of the day. God Bless you Zach and know that millions of us do care and love all of you.

You are superman you are my hero and my son and I love you so much!

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