Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 106

Mom – Day 106

The numbers are getting smaller!!!! Zach has told us not to send boxes anymore because he is not sure if he will receive them. (Zach only gets mail every now and then because of the outpost he is at) It is so nice to hear that we shouldn’t send boxes anymore, that means the time is coming soon that he will be out of there. Many people have helped me in many ways to include sending Zach boxes. There was a time that it was getting very expensive to fill up the boxes with what Zach needed and then to mail out the boxes. Zach always had boxes because every week someone sent him a box. At least once a month Zach received a box from Aunt Lisa and Uncle Lee, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Jay (his godfather), Barbara and George, and Madrina (his godmother, Aunt Julie) and Uncle Richard. He also received boxes from Rachel who coordinated DKG (a group of women educators) to put together boxes and knit helmet liners for soldiers, the VFW, and countless of others. People sent him newspapers, the Maine flag and other things that mad him feel at home.

Not everyone sent boxes, some people helped with prayers, by being there for my family, and the list goes on. But I do want to mention my sister Julie, Zach’s madrina. I am not certain but I think she sent a box almost every week. She always thought about what she was going to put in the box. She told me that she would pick up things that she thought he might need or want and then send a box. I know that she sent him Mexican candies that made him think of his childhood with his grandma in Mexico. She would send him movies, games, rosaries and prayers, snacks that were good for him and provided him what he needed. She thought of so many things. I use to say that my kids wouldn’t have any pictures of their childhood if it weren’t for my sister. She has always been the reliable one to make sure Zach got what he needed. I never had to worry because she always made sure Zach had what he needed and what I needed (to include the countless phone cards). – Thank you Jules - Zach is blessed to have so many people around him that care for him.

Zach I love you

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