Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day 104

Mom – Day 104

Today we called Zach and got in touch with him to tell him that he just bought his first vehicle, his first Jeep. He was so excited.

- I copied the following from Zach’s Facebook, I found it amusing.-

n. mraining
Derives from the words rain and mud. When in Afghanistan there is no rain, the dirt and dust can become unsettled. Then whether its wind, cars or people walking this dust goes up into the sky. Staying there for periods of time until suddenly it rains. This chemical reaction of H2o+Mud= Mrain.

I watched today the show on Fox about “Honor Killings”,2933,598689,00.html
Dallas, Texas - A father killed his two daughters because they were dating Mexicans, non-Muslims. It was heartbreaking to see the poor mother on television, wondering how he could do this to his own daughters. The father disappeared (he is from Egypt) and their son now lives in Egypt and told his mother that his sisters didn’t deserve a headstone because of what they did. – how sick –
There are many articles on this. I started reading some of the article at but I didn’t finish it
that reminds me of the cover of TIME magazine (August 9th edition) where this young woman had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban because she tried to escape from her abusive husband and in-laws. CBS news ( has a news clip that discusses Afghanistan and the abuse of women. Again, this is so difficult to understand because it seems so disturbing.

I love you Zach

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