Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 85 Dad

We had a fun night as Lisa and I along with Brenda and Sylvia from my office participated in the Madison Anson Days chili cook-off. I made my chili and we had lots of compliments and requests for seconds but we fell short of victory we had fun though so it was all worth it. Next year we will decorate more, but next year we will have a secret weapon - Zach! My cooking buddy and my boy will help me out!

Lisa is heading down to pickup our new exchange student Dong Mei who will be coming in from China. It will be a long night as she will be staying in Portland due to the late hour of arrival. I don't enjoy being alone as much anymore!

I miss his cooking creations and look forward to competing with him on my team. Zach you are superman, you are my hero and I love you so much bud. I miss you more than words can say!

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