Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 199

Mom – Day 199

What did I find out today – I found out that I might not have to continue with this blog until day 0. That is right, Zach may have the opportunity to leave Afghanistan a month or so earlier than planned. It is so nice to hear this news. I know that the military changes it mind all of the time but I do hope this piece holds true.

On another note, I wonder why I am having such a hard time dealing with Zach in Afghanistan. I think Zach is the one that helps me deal with my anxiety. I am the mom and I am the one that is supposed to help him and yet he is the one that is helping me. He is the one that is teaching me cope with all of this. Why am I so whimpy? I once watched an interview with a lady whose husband was deployed and two of her sons. How can that lady be so strong?

I love you Zach

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