Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dad 185

All I can say is it is time to end the madness. I have never been one of these peaceniks or liberals who protest the war - but I do protest politicians who influence how a war is fought. Now it has become apparent that due to the rules of engagement, (funny how they call them rules - rules of war) our military members are at a decided disadvantage. What is the purpose of war if it is not to defeat the enemy. Hearts and minds for what - we are leaving in July 2011, we told them we were!!!!!! I'm tired and more tired of hearing of soldiers who are killed or maimed when a more aggressive effort by our "leaders" may have prevented some of the casualties!! Enough! I will be glad when my son leaves that hell hole! All I can do is pray for each and every soldier, airman, marine and naval personnel in harms way!

Zach you are my hero, you are superman, and I love. Dad

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