Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dad 171

Had a great day today with Lisa, Marjo and Stefani. We went to Portland Head light I had never been to a light house (crazy since I am from Maine) before and it was beautiful. We saw a couple of light houses. We looked at the old armaments that protected the mouth of the river that leads into Portland. Beside the Head light is the old Fort Williams which was an active fort until 1964. It was there among the wondrous beauty of the ocean that Lisa and I saw a bench dedicated to Christopher Alexander Cooley who was killed in Iraq. This damn conflict is never far away and the repercussions that are going to impact an entire generation. There have been children born and who are now 8 and for their entire lives we have been at war. Let's fight to win this thing or at least reach an idea of winning to bring them all home!

Let them fight or bring them home!!!

I love you Zach, you are superman, and I miss you!

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