Monday, May 10, 2010

Day 191

Mom – Day 191

“hola madre! happy mothers day mom, I couldnt get on the internet till now sorry. I hope you have had a good day ma. I miss you so much, and although this day growing up was one of the scariest every year (and your bday) now i wish i could just be there. You really dont know what you have till its gone. Each day however is one day closer and it makes being home that much more special. I'm doing well here mom, you need to stop worrying so much. You and dad where the ones who raised me right and I have a good head on my shoulders. I will be fine. Thank you mom for your love and support my whole life even though sometimes at the time it didn't seem like it but you have always seemed to know best and have always been there for me. You and dad are the two most inspirational people in my life. You have always been such a hard worker doing so many things for other people like the costa rica trip one of the best trips of my life. Also another great attribute I got from you is being adventurous. Taking risks, seeing the world, doing things you have never done. This might be why I'm an entrepreneur now and why in a few years Ill have my own multimillion dollar business. We only live once so try new things see new places and the biggest thing is do what makes you happy. Thank you mom for helping me be who I am today miss and love you so much.” Zac Dalrymple May 9 at 11:14pm

I love you Zach.

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