Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 186

Mom – Day 186

Yesterday I couldn’t really write in the Blog and I asked Galen to do it. I didn’t even want to read it yesterday. Yesterday, Wade Slack came home to Maine in a casket. He only had a little over a month left to finish his tour. The day before he died Zach was with him; Wade’s unit was called in to do their specialized work. Joe Whalen, another Maine boy from Wilton is now mourning his friend. – Wade Slack came home to Maine in a casket! How dignified is that? I cannot imagine the pain his parents are going through. Only those who have lost a child can understand that pain but I can only imagine that that is the worst pain that could exist – I think hell would be more comforting.

The news of his death is just like another day. We as a nation, just accept this. Why? This war has become to PC (politically correct), how can our military fight? The Taliban knows all of our rules of engagement, we tell them! They know our deadlines, they know where we can fight, how we can fight, and the list goes on. We have given them our playbook and they are laughing. I wonder with all of these extra troops, are they actually sending more troops to fight? If I were to guess, the answer is no. The left hand and the right hand are not communicating. I also think that there are many many targets (Taliban) that have not been attacked because of all of the PC rules of engagement. I wonder how many of our military has shed blood due to all of these missed opportunities. Once again, I believe that if our men and women are out there fighting for the beliefs of our government, then let them do their job – if NOT, send them home. If President Obama and General McChrystal would send one of their children outside of the wire to fight, would they think our government is doing everything to let them accomplish their mission and come back alive and in one piece? If the answer is NO – which I believe it is – then shame on them.

I love you Zach and I am sorry but I will worry about you all the time. I love you and my job is to try and take care of you the best I can – so right now all I can do is pray.
Love your Mama

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