Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 180

Mom – Day 180

Today one of my colleagues made me cry at school. I was so touched by what he did for ME. My colleague, Jim, contacted his sister-n-law, Wendy Paffenroth, who is a military wife and told her about me. She does not know me but she sent me this bag of gifts. She sent me a shawl and beautiful words to go with it. The shawl – “prayer shawls…made for centuries as a universal & embracing symbol of an unconditionally loving God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, and give solace, hug, shelter, mother & beautify the receiver. “ Wendy also gave me some of her poems, this is part of one of her poems that is titled, ‘Patriotic Shawl”, …….This shawl I was given while you are away, will comfort and sustain me until you return to my arms. Although this shawl will never take the place of your hugs, I know that when I am wrapped tightly in it, I will believe that it is you – who is hugging me. The days will pass and you will return safely to your family as many people have prayed for that wondrous day. While we are apart, and I feel the need to be near you. I will wrap myself in my “American Shawl” and draw on the great memories we share. God bless my Volunteer. Amen”

I love you Zach

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