Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dad 183

A beautiful warm sunny spring day here in Maine. We got home - Lisa went to the gym and I took Jack out for a long walk nearly an hour and a half of walk time. Lisa had bought some wild salmon so I seasoned it and prepared it on a cedar plank to be placed on the grill. Lisa made a wonderful green salad, and her own dressing from the balsamic and olive oil we bought at the cooking store in Portland. I guess you could say it was nearly perfect it was - and wasn't! Even as we are at the half way of 365 it is still very hard to know our little boy our own ET who we jokingly say we found on the U Bahn tracks after a UFO crash is still in Afghanistan.

It is harder for me to as time goes when I hear of so many service people say we can't win because they won't let us! THEY who is the they it is our own government acting through our military leadership! If they don't want to let the military win by any means necessary then BRING THEM HOME, the point of a "war" is to defeat the enemy - to "win". If that is not our goal then we should bring them home! NOW!

Please keep the prayers going, for the safety of our military and for their expeditious and safe return home. Zach you are superman, and your mom and I love you with all that we have in us.

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