Friday, May 14, 2010

Dad 187

Sometimes as a parent of a child deployed to a war zone it is hard to describe how you feel! It is never all ok the worry is a constant companion who is always lurking. This is especially true when you learn of soldiers who have been killed and when they are so close your heart is in your throat for the day! I cried when I saw the images of the arrival of Specialist Wade Slack, whose body arrived in Maine today. He is from Waterville a town not too far away. I guess Joe Whalen an area soldier who is also in Afghanistan, knew him. Spec Slack specialized in disarming bombs especially the Improvised explosive devices. After talking to Joe, Zach realized he had also met Specialist Slack and they were on a mission together in the days prior to the day Specialist Slack was killed. My heart goes out to his family and my prayers are all I can give. God bless them! Please if you read this blog today I ask you to say prayers for all of the troops and especially for the family of Specialist Slack!

May this all be over soon. You are superman, I love you Zach! Mom loves you and a whole nation is grateful!

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  1. this may be the casket Robert helped load onto a plane while waiting in Kuwait. He said it was so sad and so very hard to do that job. They were waiting to leave and were called upon to assist with a dignified send off. So sad and so senseless.. Robert has said Mom we will never be able to win this war. They wont let us do what we need to do and we are not just fighting the Taliban etc etc.