Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 194

Mom – Day 194

Zach has not been to his FOB in forever – he is “living” somewhere with a bit less. It is funny because I do tend to hear from him every now and then. I am always amazed how every time I am traveling and I am on my cell phone, in Maine, my calls get dropped – no signal – and yet in no-where land Afghanistan, in their war torn condition, some modern conveniences exist.

I know I like to be informed about everything but I decided to take a bit of a break. I have not been reading every piece of news there is, or watching everything that I can find on the television or Internet. I needed some time away from the chaos. I know that Zach is still in the midst of all of this but even he needs to do things that distract him from the chaos.

I love you Zach

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