Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 243

Mom – Day 243

I am starting to feel that I won’t be able to keep Zach with me long enough. I need to keep focus and just enjoy all my time with Zach. I wish my daughter were still here in Maine so that we could all be together.

Zach is enjoying himself. He went with his Godfather and his Father to camp. They went snowmobiling, ice fishing and hanging out. I am so happy that they can have that time together. Yesterday he went skiing with my sister and her kids and then in the evening he went out with his friends – and to say goodbye.

Before I head to bed I want to thank Beth for being my rock at work and always making me feel that I matter – maybe one day I can be that rock for you, for Carol who is always helping me out at my job, and Barbara who is always there for anything. Zach is the one at war and I am the one that needs all this support. I wish I had Zach’s courage.

I love you Zach

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