Tuesday, March 23, 2010

238 Dad

Zach is in Kuwait working his way back to Afghanistan. He said he ran into a bunch of soldiers boarding a plane bound for Bangor Maine they had finished their tour. They were so happy unlike the somber soldiers heading back to the war zone! He ordered more equipment that he should have but can't get I am sick of it and am going to contact Susan Collins office! Enough is enough, if they want these kids there they better damn well worry about taking care of them. I am pissed that he is buying all this equipment he needs and can't get! We are talking a thousand dollars and more of equipment! We can grease every palm in Washington and on wall street and give money to every piss hole country in the world but can't supply our troops! Unacceptable!!!!! I am so proud of my son he is superman and I love you Zach!

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  1. Im with you Garen on all of this, Im sure Lisa has told you about Roberts day today and mine as well. I cant quit shaking, eyesight is fuzzy, this has to stop..... Robert was lucky today but what about tomorrow, or the day after that. I love my son, am proud of my son but i can no longer say the same for my country. They think Cindy Shehan was a nut job. OMG if something happened to my boy.!@!@!@!@! There is no telling how I would behave if I even lived through it... I now have sympathy for her and all the other moms and dads whose sons and daughters didnt come home. Im mad as HELL