Monday, March 22, 2010

Day 242*, 241*, 240*, 239

Mom – Day 242*, 241*, 240*, 239

We decided to take Zach to Quebec this past weekend so we can all spend some time together. I forgot how far North Quebec is so I didn’t prepare well for the cold. Other then me being sick, we had a great time. We happen to be there for the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship. It was amazing and it felt great to be there with Zach experiencing this. The sad thing was that it was on the weekend of my daughter’s birthday and I wish she were with us. During one of our outings in Old Quebec, while we were eating our crepes, we met Ray Bourque. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind taking a picture with my son who was here for some R&R from Afghanistan and Mr. Bourque told me that he should be asking my son for his picture. Not only did he take a picture with Zach but also he asked Zach questions and spent some time talking to us. What a treat for Zach. Shortly after we got home from our weekend excursion did we find out that Zach is heading back.

I love you Zach – take care

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