Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dad 230

Zach was in my thoughts a lot today. He told us in the next several days he will be going out on a convoy with “all greens”. Greens meaning those who had not gone outside the wire or in short have never left the safety of the Forward Operating Base. My wife has written about this so I won’t elaborate but very few soldiers, marines and airmen actually go “outside the wire”. Most probably 85% serve their duty from inside the heavily protected FOB’s and only about 10% - 15% actually go out on patrols and missions outside the wire. So when Zach said he was going out with a bunch of green troops, I could feel his apprehension even though it was only by instant messaging that we were talking. Zach is comfortable with his normal team and they spend a majority of their time “outside the wire”. But he said they are now “experienced” but not so with this group of greens and he wanted them to get some additional training before they go out and some attitudes were getting in the way. He indicated that some of the newbies were a bit cocky and not realizing the gravity of what they were going to do where life and death walk a fine line. I told part of that might be a reaction to fear! He indicated how the First Sergeant had told him that since he was the "experience" in the group they will lean on him to get them all through it and bring them back. I thought about this Zach, who two years ago was starting his senior year of High School Lacrosse, a game he hopes to play in college and he was looking at tuxedos for the prom, now he is the "experienced one" taking a group of young troopers outside then wire in Afghanistan and into the wild – the dangerous wild. Zach was promoted in early March on the first day he was eligible so they see some leadership potential, it is amazing little Zachman, always undersized but full of spunk oh how far you have come. There is no doubt in my mind that he will do well, he has a knack for that! He will succeed because he is a superman! Just keep your eyes open your senses in tune and say your prayers! I am just ready for him to be home and go to college and start the next phase of his life! I love you Zach, I am so proud of you and I miss you every day!

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