Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 233

Mom – Day 233

For the first time since Zach has been in Afghanistan was I ever able to Skype with him. There is something about Skype that is so fulfilling. I can’t hug and kiss him but I can see him and see his expressions. It really is wonderful. I was thinking how this will really help me to be able to see him every now and then (and it won’t cost me a fortune). Well, that didn’t last long. First, I asked Zach if the Army is charging him to use the Internet? Yes, he said, he signed up for the slower connection. So what is he being charged – try $25 a week for the slow connection. The monthly rate is $75 - $125 a month depending on the speed you want. I thought Zach’s last Internet bill from Germany (last bill plus they charge you for all these additional things) of 290 Euros was bad but I guess even in Afghanistan they get you. Now, I do believe he could still go and use the military’s computer and Internet for free but remember how little access Zach had to this. Anyway, all of this will be a mute point soon because he will be off soon with nothing. I will be back to praying that I could have the opportunity to call him – at the Afghani call rate. I know we are lucky to even be able to communicate with him but the fact is at this time in history, it is possible. I feel like our military is taking advantage of our soldiers. I know Zach has been out there in the fight doing his job, why can’t the bureaucracy of the military do their job!

I love you Zach

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