Monday, March 22, 2010

Dad Day 239

A tough day in the Dalrymple household today! After a wonderful stay filled with activity, food, laughter and most importantly love Zach is now headed back to Afghanistan. In a text message from him he said the mood of those who he has met in Atlanta is much different than when they arrived from overseas two weeks ago. Land of the free – what a fortunate country we have been to have young men and women willing to protect freedom. I am concerned about the availability equipment and that at times the soldiers go without eating. This is unacceptable to me actually pisses me off. These are our children who are striving to protect us and the freedom of others and if we can’t look out for them then what in the hell are we doing there in the first place. I am going to work through Susan Collins office to get this squared away! My heart is heavy and I am just looking forward to Christmas when Zach will be home again. Actually I am looking forward to him being home and in college.... You are superman, I love you Zach.

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  1. Im so damned mad about this, no food shit......... Should we contact the pentagon tomorrow? Ive written the White House and our congressman. THis is inexcusable........