Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 235

Mom – Day 235

So Galen heard from Zach. He is back in Afghanistan where he has to be focused when he goes outside the wire. He has to worry about people shooting at him, trying to blow him up, getting sexually hit on by the Afghanis or Jordanians, going without meals, having to purchase a lot of his equipment essential for the job, and now to add to the list – trying to get his leave corrected. Not only has he been fighting for leave time that needs to be credited to him, he now has to fight for his “R n R” time when he came home this month. Initially Zach was supposed to come home in August but it was changed to March. He was suppose to be given 2 weeks outside of Afghanistan for some R n R (this is not suppose to be leave time) but now they are telling him that that time will be taken from his leave time. They are now telling him that only R n R after March 21st will not be taken from a soldier’s leave. Well Zach came home March 6th and left March 22nd. You would think that the Army would want their soldiers to concentrate on their job instead of having them worry about fighting for their benefits. Galen is going to write to our senators, let’s see what they have to say. And Shame on the Army for letting our soldiers waste their time worrying about their benefits and what is due to them.

I love you Zach

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