Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Day 230

Mom – Day 230

At Day 182.5 Zach will be at the half way mark. That is still a long time from now. I am already tired and I still have 230 more days. I honestly don’t know how our military people do it – day in and day out - . I also don’t know how they put up with all of the red tape and B.S in general. I don’t want Zach in Afghanistan but if he is going to be there I wish he were with his team. I will feel better when he is back with his team. Zach speaks highly of his team; I know they are his other family.

I love you Zach

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  1. Hi Lisa, I hope Zach gets back in his comfort zone soon. He was online a few minutes ago, guess he is pulling a all nighter or just up early... sometimes I get so mad at this war.. Robert explained that he understood them shotting at them cause he said if someone was there in Caroline tearing shit up, I shoot at them as well.... Caroline is our County. I just thin this isnt worth our kids lives, and really wish they were home. i know this is rambling just having a contrary night. I get from you post that you are not able to talk with Zach on the phone as much,,, now you know how much fb means Im sure. Robert seems to call much more often but has to use the USO phones... any way. Love to you.