Monday, April 5, 2010

Day 225

Mom – Day 225

I am still so worried about Zach. I am so worried about him leading a convoy – without his team. If you want to feel some of my worry – just watch a Youtube video for the 173rd Airborne or anything from the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq. I hate worrying so much and I am so tired about worrying all the time.

I use to wonder about people that seemed so happy and then you find out – oh, they are getting a divorce, or did you know that so and so is suffering from … - or some other surprising or shocking news. I use to wonder how did I not notice this, or how did everyone miss the signs? Now I realize how easy it is. I think it is so easy to perform your daily duties and go about your obligations and all the while you feel a weight on you just getting heavier and heavier. I think I often don’t notice what my friends, family, and colleagues are going through. I know Zach is confident but I wonder how heavy is his burden, his weight that is on him. I am so sad, I just want him home. I want to close my eyes and open them only when he is out of that place.

I Love you Zach – I wish I were as strong as you – I wish I could trade places with you.
I love you – love your mama

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  1. Lisa I feel so for you.. Ive been where you are to often, and will be there again... Im here for you and if you need to call you have my number... We will get through all of this... the odds are on our side, Robert and Zach are our home grown patriots, we stand by their sides, we are their Moms... they love us and their country..What wonderful young men we have in them and as you have said, they have been trained well and know their job. the newbies Zach is with have been trained as well.. Have faith..
    Love to you