Friday, April 23, 2010

Dad 207

I talked to Zach a little last night. It is hard to write back and forth with him as when he is on so many want to talk to him! He seems to be doing ok so that makes me feel better. I was glad to hear that the second Navy Seal who was on trial for allegedly beating up a high profile captured terrorist. With no physical evidence other than the bad guys fat lip which could have been self inflicted they put these guys on trial. What is wrong with this administration. This should have been looked at by an admiral and then dismissed. This bad guy burned captured Americans alive and hung their bodies from a bridge! He is lucky the Seals just didn't kill him. I wonder sometimes whose side this administration is on! It scares me that I believe they look at our troops as nothing more than expendable political pawns. Be strong superman, keep on keeping on and do what you have to do. But come home safe and sound, I love you Zach!

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